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We are certain that completing our system will improve your computer performance and we are willing to extend a money-back guarantnee if you see no benefit from our product. See details below.

Our promise of great service.

Our product is risk free....we want to help boost your sytem, and we are serious about that. If our product is unable to produce any improvement on your computer, we will refund your purchase within 7 days. We know that the only reason you would purchase this product is because you want your computer to be more efficient, and run faster again. That is our goal also. Having you spend money...and then getting nothing out of not your goal, nor is it ours. We hope that you will use our customer support: because we are here to help to make sure you get the most out of this product. But ultimately, if we cannot help you see an improvement, ask us for a refund, and you will get it.

A Boost of Speed

All computers basically work the same. Therefore the methods outlined in our program will pretty much work on any system....especially Windows 98, Windows 2000, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, and Vista. All we ask is that you take time to carefully go through each step....and ask us for help if you need it....and you will see an improvement. We promise that. And whats more, going through this system will also enlighten you and you might be surprised that you have learned so much about computers so easily and in such a quick period of time. You can replicate this system at any time....and on any machine. Your friends, your family, your work...the steps in this system are universal to Windows machines and once you learn them, you will never look back. The key is that you can learn them. Even if you are so computer illiterate you know little more than a power on/off button and a mouse. We took all the complication out of the professional steps that IT people do and made it very basic, complete with pictures, so that you just cannot go wrong. Give our product a try, and see how quickly the results come. Your computer needs a boost of speed! Your Source for Professional IT Services



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"I do have to say that this is the best computer help I've had in a long time...this completely did the trick."
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"This product optimized my computer! And your customer service was outstanding."
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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience to optimize and speed up slow pc's. Feel free to contact us: