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Do not rely only on your antivirus to protect yourself

I have personally seen many computers that have fallen to viruses and trojans even with anti-virus installed. First of all what is a trojan? A trojan is a software program that is malicious and unwanted residing on your computer. The only difference between a virus and a trojan is that a virus replicates itself, a trojan does not. Any trojan that copies itself and "spreads" is called a virus. A virus that does not copy itself and just sits unwanted on a single computer is a trojan.

"But how could I get infected if I have anti-virus software?"

It is very can and does happen all the time. AV software is not full proof. A brand new virus may come out and you could become infected before your software is updated. Or you may have an outdated virus definition....or you may have installed a 'non-trojan' trojan.

A 'non-trojan' trojan? Huh?

Did you realize that many programs that would otherwise be classified as malicious or trojan are not detected by antivirus on purpose because a user clicked an 'agreement' before the program was installed? Imagine a program that spies on your every click...sends pop-ups to your internet uninivted....starts every time windows starts. Yet every antivirus program out there ignores it on purpose! Why? Because right before the program was installed, you got a window that had a lot of fine print and at the bottom was a "yes" button that you clicked which installed it. Had you read the fine-print, it would have told you things like "this program will monitor your internet....this program will send you pop-ups. Do you agree?" And when you clicked "yes", it installed. Because the program had a disclaimer, it is not considered a trojan or a virus and nearly all anti-virus programs ignore it. I can't tell you how many people just click on "yes" buttons or "ok" buttons having no idea what is about to happen. And no, they never read the fine print. None of us do. We click "yes" and before we know it, our system is corruped with a trojan....yet the industy doesn't call it a trojan because we agreed to it...hence it is a 'non-trojan' trojan.

Learn where viruses, spyware, and trojans reside!


Many times, users that get infected with spyware, viruses or trojans may have a very difficult time removing them...even with antivirus installed (or they might not have antivirus software at all). That is why in addition to having antivirus software, it is very important to know where to look in your computer to find them in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to remove something malicious but cannot get your antivirus working properly.

Our product shows you specifically where most (nearly all) spyware, trojans and viruses reside.....and deleting them is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. *

Please note: we are not a substitue for anti-virus software...we are firm believers that everyone should have anti-virus software installed and updated, no exceptions. Our product is designed to complement (not replace) your antivirus and be a part of your arsenal so that if the worst ever happens, you will have the ability to do something about it, rather than be completely helpless.

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