Optimize Your Computer

Don't install yet more software to fix a problem created by excess software. IT Pro's would not do it, and neither should you. This system is software-free and is exactly what the professionals would do if they were working on your computer instead.

In Minutes You Will:
computer-help Have a faster PC. Windows will no longer boot slow.
computer-help Memory will be far more efficient
computer-help Less clutter on your hard drive
computer-help Unwanted Background programs will be eliminated
computer-help Spyware will be disabled as well as many trojans and viruses, if they exist
computer-help Programs that you do not need will be uninstalled
System services that are unnecessary will be disabled

About Computer Optimization

Think, if you will, of a computer as a parent, and all the software programs installed on it as children. Your computer has only so many resources, it is by no means infinite. Each software program has certain "demands" that it makes to the computer, just as a child makes demands to a parent. For a software program to run on your computer, it requires your system to provide its resources. Now as a parent, you could take care of a single child, or even two or three. But ten? Twenty? Imagine even 30 children all making full time demands on you simultaneously. You would quickly find your resources depleted! The more "spread out" your resources are, the less able you are to do other things. You become slow, bogged down, and over-burdened. This is precisely what happens to a computer when it is stuffed full of software....software that isn't really needed and yet starts up every time Windows boots.

Too many demands, too few system resources .

Not having enough resources, whether it be from hard drive space, CPU, memory, or file integrity, is cause for some serious system slowdown. Optimization means protecting the available resources for only those programs that are needed and wanted. Remember our parent analogy? Thirty children placing demands on you, yet only 3 of those children are actually yours. The rest are children of other parents. Its time to focus on your children and return the others to their parents. Optimization occurs when you eliminate that which is not necessary and give priority to that which is. It also means organizing the structure of your resources so that maximum efficiency is reached every time those programs are loaded. A cluttered hard disk, or poorly configured virtual memory will contribute greatly to computer slow down even if you have cleaned up all unnecessary programs. The Boost Your Comptuer System addresses all of those issues.


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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience to optimize and speed up slow pc's. Feel free to contact us: support@laserchips.com