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Let me ask you something: please think with me for a moment

Your computer is bogged down. It is clogged with too much software....too many programs are running...your memory is filled up, and your harddrive is cluttered....

Why would you want to then install yet more software to fix it?


Installing more software is the last thing you need to be doing if you want your computer to run faster. Did you know that most of the Pc-scanner and computer doctor type programs out there are just more of the same? They sit on your PC, running in the background, consuming your system resources. They are doing the exact thing you want to get rid of.

IT Pros do not use 'pc-scanner' type software to fix company computers

IT professionals that work for the government, banks, corporations, manufacturing, colleges....they run into slow computers all the time...by the tens of thousands. And do you think they run to the internet and download a registry scanner or pc-doctor program? Absolutely not. They don't use those programs because they don't need them...they have a much better way of dealing with a slow computer...their knowledge of the 5 basic steps we provide in our product.

Our product is an exact replica of the steps performed by countless IT professionals every day on computers all over the world.


Trust us...if IT pros do not need more software to fix slow computers, neither do you. As we said before, installing more software is the last thing you need to be doing if you want your computer to run faster. Sofware just cannot 'know' the right things to remove or disable. For example, one user may enjoy having stock quotes and weather forecasts on his desktop, and another user may not want anything but the photo of her beloved pet. So how could more software possibly know whether or not to delete the stock quotes, or pet photo? It doesn't. The only way to really get your computer back up to speed is to insert your own human intelligence and perform the same steps that IT professionals use, because you are infinitely better able to know if a particular program is important over a piece of 'computer-scanner' software.


And as for those programs which might be running in the background that you are unable to "know" whether or not you need...don't worry. We provide resources for you to identify every single "hidden background" program that is running on your computer when WIndows boots so you will not have to worry about any unwanted visitors. Yes, it may seem like the easy way out to just install a pc-scanner and let your problems disappear...but sadly that isn't the case. There is no 'fast-food' method of fixing your computer...it requires human intervention. No one has yet to develop a 'magic program' that will solve every computer problem that might occur. If they did, then companies would not hire any IT staff.


Fortunately, there is a product available to you that will walk you through all the steps that a pro would, for just a fraction of the cost. The Boost Your Computer system is like having a pro work on your machine....only it is you doing it. In addition to getting a faster computer, think of all the great things you will be learning with our product. Once you get the hang of this, watch how quickly your friends and family designate you as the 'computer fixer'. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)


Our product provides everything you need to boost your computer....without adding more software.




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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience to optimize and speed up slow pc's. Feel free to contact us: support@laserchips.com