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I do have to say that this is the best computer help I've had in a long time...this completely did the trick."

Thank you for your comments. We agree that installing yet more software to speed up a computer is completely counter-productive. We are happy to hear that the system worked for you.

"excellent customer service...My computer actually runs again, just like it did when I first bought it."

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Remember when you first bought your PC, how fast it seemed? What has happened since then? Well, we can tell you- trojans, spyware, shareware, plug-ins, adware, fragmentation and file corruption have built up over time- these are all technical terms to describe what occurs as a computer system degrades. We are a site dedicated to improving poor computer performance. We have worked professionally in this field many years, and are certainly veterans of the industry. We hold multiple professional certifications, so we are more than qualified to understand exactly what causes a slow computer.
This system is exactly what your computer needs.

This product was designed over a period of several years of professional experience  to optimize and speed up slow computers.   Feel free to contact us anytime for help at

Computer Professionals At Your Fingertips
The technology industry is a high-paid, fast paced career field.  To work in this field and actually progress, you need to know computers, and know them very well.  Computer slow downs happen all the time.  It is just something someone has to know how to fix in order to have any chance at all in this field. 

So what is it....what is it that we actually do to fix computers?   When someone comes to us with a bogged down PC, do we start downloading a bunch of PC doctor type programs from the internet?  Do we reformat it and reinstall windows?  Do we just go buy a new computer to replace it? 

Never, no and no!

For the first question, the answer is never.  We just don't do that.  For the second question, we might do that....but only when everything else fails.   For the third question, we only take such drastic action as the very last resort.   Do you just go out and replace your car when it starts having problems, before even taking it to a mechanic?

So lets summarize what an expert does when a PC is having problems.  After 17 years doing this, I can speak confidently that these numbers are fairly accurate across the industry.

1.  Attempt to fix it -  takes 40 minutes, solves the issue at least 95% of the time.

2.  Reformat and reinstall everything, and/or replace/update hardware - can take several hours, only 2-5% of the time.  This is time consuming and only very rarely necessary. 

3.  Replace the computer. - Can take several days to a few weeks to get a new one in.  High cost, and done as a last resort.  Only 1% (at most) of the time do we ever need to do this.

The Speed Up Your Computer 5 Step System is everything that is done in step #1.  

What this means is that there is a 95% chance that your computer will be drastically enhanced as a result of this system.  We are not going to lie to you, there are always times when a computer needs to be rebuilt or replaced.  But both of those options are expensive.  Since this 5-phase system is so fairly priced, you really have nothing to lose. 

For such a small price, you can avoid the high diagnostic cost.  If you do this system and it fails, then at least you know your computer problems are beyond a normal fix and requires either a reinstall or new hardware.  So for under 20.00 you will either (A) Have a faster computer, or (B) have the definitive knowledge that your computer problems require a reinstall, new hardware (meaning there is a hardware problem) or replacement. 

If you obtain (A) for under 20.00, its worth it.  If you obtain (B), its worth it also!  If you took your PC to a repair shop, they would charge you 50.00 just to tell you that you need a new one.

You really have nothing to lose, except your slow computer!

Professional Help for your slow computer.   

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