Comments About the Boost Your Computer 5 Step System
"I am very pleased...Great Job!!!" -Bill, Portland, Oregon    
"excellent customer service, outstanding!" -Cad, location unknown    
This program is amazing. I am highly impressed.  My computer ran like it did when I first bought it.   -"Kyle"    
"Hey, first of all thanks for the great site.  Was a bit skeptical, because I already tried (and paid) for several pc scans.  Your methods were not difficult at all and I finally know how to keep my computer running optimized all by myself.  Thanks a ton!" -Ray, Oklahoma    
"Greetings!  Great job on the speed up
your computer system.  Its about time I knew how to do this sort of thing.  You really explained it well.  Thanks again."
"I gave it a try, and to my delight it worked like a charm."  -Nancy    

How much would you pay to take your compute into a repair shop? 

Most shops would charge you at least 50.00 just to look at a computer, let alone do any work on it.

Since this product fixes 95% of all computer problems, its definitely worth trying first.  Its easy to implement, and highly effective.

The "Secrets" of computer experts Unveiled!

If you have ever worked in an office, there is a good chance that you had to call your IT department or help desk at least once for some computer issue.  The techie shows up, punches a few buttons, clicks the mouse a few times, and presto!  Your problem was solved.

But what did he/she do to fix it?  Would you be surprised to learn that the things that computer professionals do to fix broken and slowed down systems are not beyond the average person?  All it takes is for someone to explain them all in a step by step process.  Lets look at a typical example....something that happens thousands of times a day all over the country.

One of the office workers in Acme Co turns on her computer.  It boots very slow, and when Windows finally loads, it seems to hang for a long time before at last, the icons appear on her desktop and she can finally start work.  But clicking on anything just to do work is tedious.  She calls her IT department help desk.  Five minutes later someone from IT comes by and sits at her computer. 

And then, a few minutes later, her computer is returned.  She boots it up and it works good as new!  "Wow" she says, "Its like magic.  Thank you!"

So what happened?  What 'magic' was actually performed on that system?  What did those IT people actually do to make it run so much faster? 

Well we are some of those people.  And its easy to do!  All you need is someone to do is package it in a very simple, easy to understand format.  computer pro's are often highly unorganized people in their private life, many of them are a bit withdrawn, and not given to being very social.  They may be geniuses in fixing a computer, but try to get them to systemize or explain what they are doing in an orderly fashion, and you can forget it. 

Well no longer.  The Speed Up Your Computer system does exactly that. 

You can do this, and your computer needs it

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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience  to optimize and speed up slow computers.   Feel free to contact us anytime for help at

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