Did you know?   The Speed Up Your Computer System has NO SOFTWARE to install?
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 Stop PC slow-downs
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How It Works

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Some Testimonials

"I do have to say that this program is like having a computer consultant...this completely did the trick."

Thank you for your comments. We agree that installing yet more software to speed up a computer is completely counter-productive. We are happy to hear that the system worked for you.

"excellent customer service...My computer actually runs again, just like it did when I first bought it."

Thanks for your feedback. We try to respond to all of our customers and help them however we can.

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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience  to optimize and speed up slow computers.   Feel free to contact us anytime for help at support@laserchips.com

Faster.  Your computer will run at the speeds it was designed to, when you first brought it home. It's time for a much needed tune up on your system. 

Safer.  Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, AdWare....these are the buzz-words for malicious programs that can really hurt your system.  Additionally, "background programs" that linger like sore thumbs.  Just having an Anti-Virus program does not protect against them.  Even anti-spyware does not protect against "background" programs or muck-ware.  This 5-phase system will knock them out.

Cleaner.  Your computer will be optimized.  Efficient, and clean.  The programs loading up your memory every time you start Windows will be eliminated, optimizing your system.

Easy.   Yes, you can do this.  The entire system is designed for the non-technical. Everything is so clear and simple...easy to follow...yet so important to maintaining an efficient, optimized computer.

Professional.  Personally developed over the course of several years in the industry, this system is exactly what the pro's do..  If you were to ask Computer Networking IT pro's what they do when a customer's computer is slowed down, they would respond with the things in this system.  The only difference is that with this 5 Phase program, its all explained for a novice.  We have taken the sophisticated procedures that professionals use, and have translated them into an easy, step-by-step system that is guaranteed to make a difference.

No Software. The last thing you want to do when a computer is slow or constantly hanging is install yet more software!  IT Pros do not resort to yet more downloaded software to optimize a computer!   People who try to sell you downloaded software to fix your slow computer are taking advantage of you.  They know that you are not an expert and think they can dupe you into buying something that at best will do very little, and at worst will only bog your PC down even more.

Professional Help for your slow computer.   

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