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Thank you for your comments. We agree that installing yet more software to speed up a computer is completely counter-productive. We are happy to hear that the system worked for you.

"excellent customer service...My computer actually runs again, just like it did when I first bought it."

Thanks for your feedback. We try to respond to all of our customers and help them however we can.
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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience  to optimize and speed up slow computers.   Feel free to contact us anytime for help at support@laserchips.com

The BOOST YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM is a 5 part process detailed in a very easy to understand, non-technical step-by-step method.  Using numerous images, we walk you through everything that should be performed on your computer to remove the items making your system less efficient, all the way down to editing your registry. We show you everything. 
Your results include:

  • Optimized virtual and physical memory

  • Increased disk space

  • more efficient program use

  • Eliminate hidden "background" programs that cause Windows to slow to a crawl

  • Identifying and Removing unwanted items that consume resources

Software just cannot do this, it requires human intelligence. A "pc scan" is not able to determine the programs that you actually want.  How does a PC Scan know if you actually want ICQ to load with windows or not?  Since this system incorporates you, its efficiency is 100%. 

Software just can't do everything that is necessary to clean out your computer. Human intervention is always required, thus the reason that companies hire IT staff.  Additionally, PC doctor type programs just clog your system even more, and no one in the professional field ever uses them (just ask your IT department at work, you'll see that we are correct).
The steps performed in this system target and eliminate trojans, ad-ware and spyware programs, including numerous viruses. Additionally, unwanted programs that run "in the background" are identified and removed. All these hidden items are consuming resources. The steps in This System are the same processes IT professionals use when they fix slow PC's.
Before you spend money on new hardware....or spend money taking your computer to the shop, try this system. Directions are designed for the layperson and the computer novice. It's simple, and fast.
You probably wouldn't hesitate to change the oil in your car after months of driving. Well computers need an "oil change" every now and then just like your vehicle. This provides a smoother and cleaner operating system as well as a more efficient use of resources. 
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