Computer experts do not bother with all those  ram-doctor, registry cleaning, pc doctor, and scan type programs. Neither should you. They will just make your problem worse. Installing software to optimize a computer is not the solution! Few people in the IT world do that. Why is this important? Please read this.

Think with us for a moment.  Your computer has only so many resources available.  Only so much RAM (memory), and so much CPU speed.  Like any person who has felt the stress of trying to juggle many tasks at once, your computer slows down because of all the demands placed on it by programs & software installed.  Think of your computer as a parent and now think of all the software installed on it as children.  The "children" are constantly making demands from the parent.  Every time you 'double click' an icon to launch a program, in order for it to start, the computer has to allocate resources.  These programs don't care if your computer is running low.  They couldn't care less if your computer is suffering because there are few precious resources left.  They just continue to demand, demand, demand anyway.  And as a result, your computer slows down to a crawl.  

Because it's all the software on your computer that slows it down, the last thing you want to do is install yet more software!


We have worked in the information technology industry for many years and we can tell you that not once in all the companies we have worked for has any computer professional ever installed software in order to speed up a slow computer.  The PC doctors, memory kits, scan PC, registry monitors, adware watchers, etc, etc....its all just more of the same!  

You want proof of this?  Look at the company you work for.  Does it have an IT department?  If it does, you can be almost guaranteed that your computer will not have any 'pc-scan' type software installed.  That is because IT professionals already know how to fix slow computers, and we understand that simply installing more software is NOT the answer. 

Recently, a local client called and asked us to help fix his computer because it was running extremely slow and hanging.  We sent out one of our experts to the location and when he arrived, saw that the client had installed not just 1, not 2, but 3 ad-ware programs.  He also had 2 anti-virus and 2 anti-spyware programs, a PC Doctor program, a Disk monitor, and a memory optimizer!  Wow, talk about paranoid.  He was so afraid of getting hit with spyware, that he completely overloaded his computer with a ton of junkware.  Yes, it is junk.  After implementing this 5-phase system to clean out the garbage, his system was as good as new!  Of course, you dont need to pay someone 100-150.00 for an in call to your home, you can have the exact same process for just a fraction of the cost.

The ultimate proof will be this:  go ahead and buy one of those programs.  You will see for yourself that it does nothing to fix the very real problem that what your computer needs is less programs, not more.

The scammers out on the internet know that most people are unaware of how to actually speed up a PC and clean it from all the junk software that resides there.  They know that the average person just doesn't know how to remove the "hidden" programs that infect a computer, running in the background. This system was developed over years of testing and experience..  We know where those hidden programs reside, and we will show you.  You don't need some software program to do this.  We show you the simple secrets that the majority do not know.  You can feel safe that you have a pro at your side, and feel safe that everything you do in this 5 Step System
is absolutely the best thing to do for your computer.

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