The Boost Your Computer System: 5 Steps to a Faster PC

You are five easy, do-it-yourself steps away from boosting your PC's performance, power, and efficiency. Have you ever wondered what, exactly, those IT people do to computers that get bogged down at the workplace? Well this is it. Being in professional IT work environments all of our careers, we have isolated and compiled all of the essential tasks IT pros use to troubleshoot, fix and boost computers and have translated them into five easy to understand steps.

You perform these 5 steps, and your results will be immediate.

The Five Steps
computer-help Memory optimization - getting the most out of your memory
computer-help Removing junk programs
computer-help Disabling unneeded background and startup programs (this will also disable many trojans and viruses). Unbog your bogged up windows
computer-help Stopping useless computer services that run everytime windows starts
computer-help Cleaning up the disk drive, and freeing up hard disk space

Why your PC is so slow and what our product will do for you

Maybe you just bought a new laptop or desktop and took it home only to be disappointed that whenever you start Windows, a lot of other uninvited 'stuff' loads and you feel almost like your computer happiness is being intruded upon. Or perhaps you've had your computer a while and Windows just takes forever to load. You stare at a blank screen, then your little mouse icon pops up and you sit there moving your mouse around for minutes on end before finally your desktop icons appear and you can at last use your computer. Sitting through that muck and waste of never want to turn it off again!

Here are by far and away the three most common causes of computer slowdown. 95% of all slow computers have one (or more) of these three items going on:

1, Too many programs or unwanted programs starting up with Windows
2. Not enough memory
3. Full or overly fragmented hard drive

Some less common causes of a slow pc:

1. Corrupted windows installation or corrupted windows files
2. Bad hardware or hardware without proper drivers
3. Some drivers and hardware, such as certain HP scanners, even though they work fine, will take a long time warm up and cause windows to 'halt' until they are fully intitialized.
4. CPU is too slow (this is very uncommon, yet so many people think this is the main us, its probably not).

Some may have noticed why viruses and trojans aren't in any of those lists. Yes its true that a virus or trojan will seriously hurt your computer, but remember that a virus or trojan is a program. Thats all it is. It is a program that starts up with Windows. Viruses and trojans are unwanted programs that start up with windows and fall in item #1 in the first category. By disabling unwanted programs that start up with windows, we also, at the same time, neutralize most viruses and trojans as well. Now, you should always have a virus scanner installed on your computer...we are by no means saying that this system replaces a good and updated virus scanner...however numerous times in our careers, we have seen machines become infected either with a brand new virus not found in a scanner, or on a machine that did not have a virus scanner. In that case, knowing where to look to disable a virus or trojan is very important because you will still be able to stop the virus...even without a virus scanner. Knowledge is power. When you know what to do, and where to look, you are much better prepared to deal with computer issues. And that is where we come in. Our product is designed for the layperson. If you are not a computer pro, then this product is for you. We literally hold your hand through everything. You just cannot go wrong. You can do this.

5 steps to a faster PC

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