We will never give out your email address to anyone. Ever. Period.

We've been in the IT business a long time. We hate spam with a passion. It is one of the terrible things that come with the internet. We will never ever give out your email address, or sell it, to anyone ever period. We do NOT reserve the right to use your email address for advertising, marketing, or any purpose whatsoever other than to respond to your inquiries, or unless you give us your explicit approval.

Your personal information is protected with us.

If you loved our product and you permit us to use your name, city as a testimonial, we will do so, but only with your permission. Third party entities will never be given out your email or personal information. SPAM is a terrible thing, it is difficult to stop. One way that spam occurs is when you give your email address to a website you think you can trust, and they turn around and sell it to someone else. Yes, sadly this is true. If you had a list of 1 million email addresses that you knew were emails that human eyes would look at....it is like having gold. Valid email addresses are hot commodities and so many small companies love to sell their customer base to big buyers. It happens all the time.

But never with us! We hate spam, and deplore the degenerates that send it. If we could, we would round up all the spammers of the world, and confiscate their computers and never let them use the internet again. Here is a tip: if you ever get an email that says "if you do not wish to receive further emails from us, "click here"....do not click it. Clicking links in emails to not receive further emails actually only verifies to the spammer that your email is a valid one. Such a terrible scheme.

Your email address is safe with us. Spammers....go home.



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The Boost Your Computer System was designed over a period of several years of professional experience to optimize and speed up slow pc's. Feel free to contact us: support@laserchips.com