How does an IT-Pro fix a slow computer?

Have you ever wondered what at IT professional does to a slow computer to get it running faster and more efficiently? I can tell you they do not download and install PC 'fix', 'doctor', 'scan', 'registry' or other similar defunct software. They don't need to. They are much more efficient because they do it manually. Our system takes the exact steps professionals use and translates them into an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand guide.

Steps of an IT Professional

IT pro's know why computers become slow. They know the causes and where to find them. Imagine for a moment that you are working a typical office job of hundreds of employees, and your building is full of offices and desks. You automatically envision a computer at each desk, and of course what follows is an IT department. You cannot have so many computers in one company without technical staff working full time just to maintain them. So you boot up your computer one morning and it drags to a crawl....stalling....stalling. Naturally the first thing you do is contact the help desk, or call your friendly (hopefully!) IT department. Recieving your request, they dispatch a trouble ticket and a 'computer guy' or 'computer gal' shows up to the rescue. They tell you they will need a few minutes to work on it, so you decide to just take a break and venture out to the coffee room or perhaps to another office to do some paperwork or follow up on a few contacts. 30 minutes later you are summoned, and return to your office, your computer as good as new. Problem gone.

What happened?

What did the IT pro do to make your computer go from a sloth to a faster running system so quickly? If you ask them they explain it to you, but the jargon quickly loses you. You ultimately have little to no idea what they did. So what happened? First of all, I can tell you (in most cases) what they did not do - install a bunch of software to 'scan' and 'clean' your computer. For nearly all computers, help desk personnel perform the same steps in troubleshooting and fixing a slow computer. These steps are widely known and are quite basic in the computer-tech world. But for the rest of us, the non-technical type, they are not commonly known. Our system is the only product of its kind that we know of that takes the professional Standard of IT-troubleshooting and translates them into a do-it-yourself kit...easy to do and understand. All at your fingertips. Now you will be able to seamlessly do what the professionals do. The same steps, only you are doing them yourself. Yes, you can do this.




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